When opening your new mattress from its packaging, please only use the Luff cutter provided to cut the plastic. This is to stop any chance of cutting the mattress itself!

Place the mattress on your bed in the morning and by the evening it will be ready to sleep on.

Remember to rotate your mattress every month to keep it lasting longer. This is a requirement for your 10 year warranty. 

Extra Care Instructions

When you're thinking about getting a new mattress, it's a good idea to consider the base it'll be placed on. You wouldn't want your comfy new mattress to dip into any holes or take on the wrong shape because of a broken base. While it's not common for a firm base to break without notice, it's always a good idea to double-check just to be sure.

If you've got a slatted base, make sure it's suitable for the mattress! You wouldn't want your brand-new mattress sagging or dipping into those spaces between the slats, right? Generally, a good rule to follow is to match the size of the slats and the gaps.

When handling your mattress, it's best to avoid rolling or bending it. Doing so might put unnecessary pressure on the tufts, potentially causing issues like popping—where the tuft disappears into the mattress, leaving an obvious hole.

Let's keep that mattress in top-notch condition by handling it gently!

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