The Bamboo Skinny Pillow

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    • Supportive and Comfortable Sleep
    • Sustainable and Eco-friendly
    • Naturally Antibacterial
    • Ventilated CloudTec® Filling
    • Perfect for front sleepers
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    The Bamboo Mini Pillow - Luff Sleep Bamboo Mini Pillow - Luff Sleep Bamboo Mini Pillow - Luff Sleep Bamboo Mini Pillow - Luff Sleep

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    What is inside the mini pillow?

    The Bamboo Mini Pillow has a ventilated CloudTec® core. Think of it as having all the benefits of memory foam without the drawbacks.




    • Front Sleepers Dream

    If you sleep on your front the worst thing you can do is sleep on a high pillow. So we made the Mini Pillow just for you.

    Also great for children aged 4 - 11 who sleep on their back or side.

    Great little pillow. I use it when I am travelling mainly as I take a lot of flights and it takes up little space. Fits into most areas I need the pillow and is very comfy!


    We bought 2 of these for our kids and they love them. They take very nap on the pillow now and they seem to be very comfortable on it as it is thinner and not too bulky. Perfect for their little necks / heads.


    Free UK Delivery

    10% of Profits
    Go to Charity

    Vegan Friendly

    • The power of bamboo

    More eco-friendly, breathable and softer than cotton. The bamboo pillowcase has a silky smooth finish giving a sumptuously soft feel. Removable and washable for your convenience. 

    • Healthy Skin and Hair

    Nanoweave® Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergy so your skin will enjoy the benefits. Preventing dust mites, wrinkles and frizz. Promoting better moisture retention and a softer complexion. You will wake up glowing!

    • Help Your World

    Saving our planet is as important as quality sleep.

    The bamboo we use is fast growing, has low land and water use and requires no pesticides or fertiliser.

    10% of profits go to homeless charities because everyone needs a good night's sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Marilyn Cameron
    nice but make sure it suits you

    This is a well made pillow; however, I did not read that it was good for back sleepers and I am most definitely not one. I use it for my legs, but it’s not for a side sleeper

    Jayesh Patel
    Very good

    Very comfortable

    Comfortable and mini

    it's cute and compact, but don't let that fool you. This mini pillow is a total game changer for naps and travel. I mean, who knew something so small could make such a big neck / back difference? It's also an awesome lumbar support when I'm working at my desk, and it's even found its way into my yoga practice as a prop for some poses

    Kitty L

    Very versatile, comfy, and practical pillow. It's eco-friendly, which makes me feel like a responsible adult, and it’s got a ridiculously soft pillowcase on it.

    amanda smith
    Small Pillow

    Small thin pillow but the biggest comfort that I know. Actually ordered this one as a spare to the one I have. Once you have found the best pillow always buy a spare incase they stop making them.


    How firm is the bamboo mini pillow?

    The bamboo mini Pillow is firmer than most ordinary pillows. Still giving you an enjoyable blend of comfort and support.


    Yes, you can easily return your pillow or exchange it for another one within the 100 day sleep trial. Just contact our friendly customer support team on the contact us page.

    is the pillowcase removable and washable?

    Yes. Take care of your pillow and it will take care of you. 

    Don't - Use biological detergent

    Don't - Use bleach / optical brighteners 

    Don't - Use fabric conditioner

    Don't - Wash above 40℃ 

    Do - Line dry when possible

    Do - Wash them inside out

    Do - Use non-bio detergent

    How big is the bamboo mini pillow?

    60 x 30 x 6.5 cm

    What position is best to sleep in with the luxury pillow?

    The Bamboo Mini Pillow is brilliant for front sleepers and back sleepers. It also makes a great pillow for young children because if it's height.

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