An extraordinary adventure from a humble floor to the finest beds in the world.

Allow us to introduce Luff.

 The prestige sleep brand started by British sleep guru and designer: Stephen Goknel. At Luff Sleep, we know that sleep is not just a necessity; it's a fundamental pillar of happiness, health, and overall wellbeing. We truly understand the struggles and challenges that come with a restless night's sleep because we've experienced them firsthand. Our story is one of resilience, aspiration, and an unwavering commitment to improving people's lives.

Our visionary founder learned the importance of a sleep sanctuary early on. Battling to build his first business literally from the ground up, living on noodles, facing nights sleeping on friend's sofas, his car and even a floor. It ignited a passion and empathy for those seeking to sleep better. This personal connection serves as the driving force behind Luff Sleep's mission, to create exceptional sleep products that make a positive impact on people and the planet. Everyone from the homeless to royalty, needs the rejuvenating power of quality sleep, and we are here to deliver.

Picture this: a world where your happiness and wellbeing take centre stage. From the first design: This belief is meticulously woven into every thread of Luff Sleep's fabric, from our commitment to using sustainable materials, our dedication to ethical manufacturing practices and ongoing charity donations.

 Stephen travelled the world meeting experts and creating the best sleep range imaginable. When you breathe better, you sleep better. When your skin radiates health and vitality, you can show up as your best self. If aches and pains are melted away overnight, it is so much easier to wake up happy. Recognising the importance of these elements, Stephen consulted everyone from doctors in London to memory foam scientists in Paris and silk fabric weaving artisans in Kyoto, Japan.

 Years of unwavering dedication, meticulous design, careful refinement and rigorous testing culminated in the birth of Luff sleep’s award winning range. Designs crafted from our base in Hertfordshire, England. The aim was for when you experience a Luff product you feel a sense of comfort, relaxation, improved health, luxury, and a touch of pride.

Thanks to our sterling reputation our ascent has been remarkable.  Debuting alongside gold bars and Dior in Costco in December 2019. The following year Amazon welcomed us into their digital realm. In 2021 TK Maxx recognised our excellence, asking us to list with them. In a feat of achievement against the backdrop of the pandemic we opened our own shop in The Metrocentre, Gateshead. The year 2022 witnessed our bamboo silk bedding gracing the opulent abodes of The Four Seasons hotel and other five-star establishments. Currently Luff proudly stands tall in over 50 esteemed retail outlets in the United Kingdom.

What sets our products apart? A love for bamboo. Not all bamboo is created equal so all of our products contain or are made from our own uniquely weaved organic bamboo. Close your eyes and imagine sinking into the silky Nanoweave® bamboo fabric that envelops you in a cocoon of comfort softer than a kitten's purr. While our exclusive Cloudtec® memory foam, gently cradles your body for personalised support and unparalleled comfort.

 Technology in a pillow? Yes.

Exuding style and while improving your health? Without a doubt.

Inspired by timeless elegance, Luff has taken note of renowned fashion houses like Chanel coupling the technological advances of NASA. Our clean designs and premium materials evoke a sense of refined luxury. Thanks to our collaboration with medical professionals during the product development we know that there is little else that matches Luff’s health benefits.

Now, dear dreamer, our journey to success hasn't been a walk in the park, between financial, pandemic and logistical issues to starting a family! Yet, it has shaped an unshakeable determination to become the epitome of excellence in the sleep industry. Over the years we have overcome countless obstacles, tirelessly building not just this business but a family and a movement. Earning the trust of global retailers to the most renowned five-star hotels and thousands of happy customers turned Luff evangelists – we love you all. Our aspiration extends beyond becoming the pinnacle of excellence in the United kingdom; we aim to touch the lives of millions worldwide, introducing them to a new standard of blissful sleep. Together, let us transform the face of the planet, creating a better world where millions wake up each morning brimming with happiness after a night indulged in Luff.

Join us on this remarkable journey to really make this world a better place, one sleep at a time.

Goodnight, Luff Sleep