CloudTec® is the next generation of memory foam and is designed to be perfect for pillows and mattress toppers. It is called CloudTec® because of the cloud-like experience that it gives when sleeping on it. Designed by masters of sleep, CloudTec® is the next step in technology to eliminate neck pain and restless nights from sleeping on bad pillows. The Luff team is never satisfied with good pillows. We have continuously worked to better CloudTec® and in Spring 2020 launched our latest version of it. Our newest version is superior in comfort and supportiveness. CloudTec® started initially as a super supportive product that helps with sleep posture but sometimes customers found that firmer than expected and not always as comfortable as what they had before. Although a firm pillow is often healthier, we strived to create a combination of both healthy support and relaxing comfort which led us to what we have now!    

Comfortable and Cooling

One of the reasons CloudTec® works so well is because it is not a single block but lots of small pieces. This feature makes it so much more breathable, allowing air to flow through it unlike a block of memory foam. Because of the pieces it can better cradle your head and adjust exactly to your neck and head shape when you lay on it. 

CloudTec® is made with cooling blue gel infused in it. The cooling blue gel has the ability to absorb excess heat and regulate the temperature inside the pillow. Overheating is one of the biggest reasons people wake up in the night so reducing this is entirely for the benefit of your beauty sleep.  


Most pillows are too soft and quickly go flat, such as most polyester or feather pillows. They don't give you enough support to keep your spine in alignment. This can cause neck ache, back ache and lead to a restless night. Some pillows are too big and firm, which although they are better for your spine, if you're not comfortable then it also makes sleeping harder.

CloudTec® has the ability to support your neck and head perfectly with its soft, supportive and adjustable nature. Having a great foundation for your head is the number one way to relieve pain that can be caused by sleeping on the wrong pillow.  CloudTec® is designed to spring back into action night after night and year after year. We are so confident we offer a 3 year warranty. The only thing you need to do is give it a fluff up every night or two for just a couple of seconds.



CloudTec's feeling and support doesn't change much over time however it's colour does. Because of the oxygen in the air reacting with UV light and the organic compounds in the  CloudTec® it is completely normal for it to change colour over time. When it is freshly made it is blue/white, over time it usually changes to green/yellow. 


What now?

The Luxury Pillow is designed to be slighter firmer for orthopedic purposes of neck and spine correction and is ideal for side sleepers. Although you can't remove the CloudTec® filling, there is the perfect amount of CloudTec® inside to fit under your head. Although the Luxury pillow suits most people, there's no such thing as the perfect pillow for everyone. In the Prestige Pillow you can add and remove the CloudTec® filling making it ideal regardless of your sleeping position, height or pillow preferences!