Night time drinks to help sleep

Night time drinks to help sleep

Drinking yourself to sleep may be the answer, just not in the way that you are thinking! Drinks such as; milk, tea’s and as simple as water can help you fall to sleep easier. They have the power of turning that short lived nap into a great night’s sleep! 

Yes to drink
Milk milk and more milk! Almond milk and even malted milk all contain tryptophan and melatonin. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps induce you into sleep and regulate your sleep cycle. Couple that with melatonin that lets your brain know when it’s time for sleep and you should be in the best position to sleep. No wonder babies love it and look how long they sleep for! Even try it warmed up for the lovely warm feeling right before you climb into bed. Part old wives’ tale and factual, a glass of warm milk before bed can help. 

Green tea but hold the caffeine. Green tea is well known in helping digestive issues, but it also helps combat stress and anxiety leading to an easier drift off to sleep. Decaffeinated green tea before bed will allow you slowly wind down and relax before laying down. Along with a warm drink to set yourself up, green tea also boasts a huge other amount of positives; weight loss, reduced cancer risk, calming, helps metabolism and many more, so why not! Chamomile tea is another that everyone has heard of. Drinking this before bed will help you feel calm, stress free and ready to sleep. It is full of antioxidants that promote sleepiness and helps let you know when it’s time for bed. It is naturally caffeine free leaving out the boost that would normally keep you up. 

Sweet H20 is as simple as it gets to drinks that do wonders. It is recommended that 2 litres of water is drunk per day to keep your body well hydrated. It is also suggested that having water before bed will give your organs the hydration boost they need whilst doing their nightly repairs. Lack of water can start to make you feel sluggish and slow so keep that alarm on to remind you to drink or expect negative side effects! 

No to drink
Caffeine is the number one drink NOT to have before bed for obvious reasons. It can stay in your system for more than 5 hours so bare that in mind when you have your afternoon coffee as it might be the reason you’re not sleeping right. Replace those caffeinated drinks with decaffeinated versions or get an extra glass of water in, as most people don’t get enough!

Alcohol is another drink that shouldn’t be consumed close to sleep. It takes 1 hour for every unit of alcohol drunk to leave your system. This can add up quickly (and very easily) and stop you from waking up feeling refreshed. Although you may sleep for 8 hours after a drink, the quality of sleep is the problem. Alcohol interferes with your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which is the deepest and most important part of your sleep cycle.