100% Organic Bamboo Silk Flat Sheet

    • Breathable and Temperature Controlling
    • Sustainable and Eco-friendly
    • Naturally Antibacterial
    • Silky Soft Comfort
    • Vegan Friendly
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    Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Flat Sheet - Luff Sleep 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding - Luff Sleep 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Flat Sheet - Luff Sleep 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding - Luff Sleep Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Flat Sheet - Luff Sleep 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Flat Sheet - Luff Sleep

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    What is the bedding made of?

    Just 100% organic bamboo. No harmful substances or chemicals and fully oeko-tex certified.

    Enjoy the benefits

    Healthy Skin
    and Hair

    Silky Soft


    • Ultimate Comfort and Temperature Control

    Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the refreshingly soft bamboo fabric has a 700 Thread count to give you the silky smooth comfort you deserve. You'll be making royalty jealous with these!

    Highly recommend the Bamboo silk bedding. It’s the best bedding I have ever bought. So comfortable and silky. Luxurious on feelings and looking. The price for this quality is quite cheap honestly. Better feeling than Egyptian cotton bedding. Definitely will buy more.


    I am a huge fan of the bamboo silk bedding from Luff. My husband and I are both pretty sensitive to temperature (him too hot me too cold) and the bamboo fabric has felt lovely every night - except for those 40 degree killers. I've been sleeping with it for a few months now and have found that I sleep much better and wake up feeling more rested than I did before.


    Free UK Delivery

    10% of Profits
    Go to Charity

    Vegan Friendly

    • The power of bamboo

    More eco-friendly, breathable, cooling and softer than cotton. The bamboo fabric has a silky smooth finish giving a sumptuously soft feel.

    • Healthy Skin and Hair

    Nanoweave® Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergy so your skin will enjoy the benefits. Preventing dust mites, wrinkles and frizz. Promoting better moisture retention and a softer complexion. You will wake up glowing!

    • Help Your World

    Saving our planet is as important as quality sleep.

    The bamboo we use is fast growing, has low land and water use and requires no pesticides or fertiliser.

    10% of profits go to homeless charities because everyone needs a good night's sleep.

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    Our fitted sheets can be used on beds up to 35cm deep.

    How soft is the bamboo silk?

    The bamboo silk is similar to mulberry silk. Lovely and soft to the touch. However it is not quite as slippery, so your duvet doesn't slide onto the floor!

    What are the washing instructions?

    Take care of your bedding and it will take care of you. 

    Don't - Wash at high spin speeds i.e. higher than 800

    Don't - Use biological detergent

    Don't - Use fabric conditioner

    Don't - Wash above 40℃ 

    Do - Line dry when possible

    Do - Wash them inside the bag they come in

    Do - Use non-bio detergent

    Are these for UK bed sizes?

    Yes, these are for standard UK bed sizes. Below are the bedding sizes:

    Duvet Covers

    Single - 137 x 200 cm

    Double - 200 x 200 cm

    King - 230 x 220 cm

    Super King - 260 x 220 cm

    Fitted Sheets

    Single - 90 x 190 x 32 cm

    Double - 135 x 190 x 32 cm

    King - 150 x 200 x 32 cm

    Super King - 180 x 200 x 32 cm

    How does Nanoweave® Bamboo Silk help my skin and hair?

    Being naturally anti-bacterial, it helps to prevent microbe growth. This helps to improve conditions such as acne.

    The silky smooth texture helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by friction on normal pillowcases.

    Being moisture wicking, it helps to reduce frizz and works as a natural moisturiser for glowing skin.

    does the duvet cover set come with pillowcases?

    Yes, the duvet cover set comes the duvet cover and 2 pillowcases. (excluding single duvet set that comes with 1 pillowcase)

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