The Bamboo Forest Pillow

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    • Supportive and comfortable sleep
    • Sustainable and Eco-friendly
    • Naturally Antibacterial
    • Hollowfibre Filling
    • Neck and back support
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    The Bamboo Forest Pillow - Luff Sleep The Bamboo Forest Pillow - Luff Sleep The Bamboo Forest Pillow - Luff Sleep The Bamboo Forest Pillow - Luff Sleep

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    The Bamboo Forest Pillow is filled with a hollowfibre filling. It has a gentle bounce and feels medium to soft. Many people say it feels like down, but you can enjoy it without fear of it being filled with feathers plucked from birds.

    A wonderfully fluffy pillow that cradles your head and neck so you can sleep better. 




    • Unmatched Comfort

    Made for soft pillow lovers. If you like a pillow that you can snuggle and smush the bamboo forest pillow is for you!

    To me a perfect pillow is soft and fluffy and not hard and this pillow was the right amount of softness! I would easily recommend this pillow. Great feeling pillow and amazing price point.


    I have been looking a long time before I could get rid of my old pillows. I finally replaced them with bamboo pillows. Love they are low enough and don’t give you a neck cramp everyday. Very satisfied!


    Free UK Delivery

    10% of Profits
    Go to Charity

    Vegan Friendly

    • The power of bamboo

    More eco-friendly, breathable and softer than cotton. The bamboo pillowcase has a silky smooth finish giving a sumptuously soft feel.

    • Healthy Skin and Hair

    Nanoweave® Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergy so your skin will enjoy the benefits. Preventing premature aging and frizzy hair. Promoting better moisture retention and a softer complexion.

    You will wake up glowing!

    • Help Our World

    Saving our planet is as important as quality sleep.

    The bamboo we use is fast growing, has low land and water use and requires no pesticides or fertiliser.

    10% of profits go to homeless charities because everyone needs a good night's sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews

    It is good quality, however, you can't take off the cover.

    Joy Habgood
    Very firm & uncomfortable

    I was very disappointed with this pillow as supposed to be soft but its very firm & gave me a bad neck unfortunately so no longer using it. I wanted a really soft pillow.

    Edward Griffiths

    Very pleased with my pillow

    Anush P
    Eco-Friendly Comfort

    I had the chance to upgrade my sleep game with this forest pillow, and let me tell you, it's been a total game changer for my nightly routine. As someone who values both comfort and sustainability, this pillow truly exceeded my expectations.


    Soft, breathable, and eco-friendly – major points in my book! The cover feels amazing against the skin, and the bamboo fibers really do their job in keeping you cool and comfy all night long. No more sweaty pillow struggles – hallelujah! The removable cover is also machine washable – just toss it in with your laundry, and you're good to go. Plus, no weird lumps or loss of shape after washing.


    How firm is the bamboo forest pillow?

    The Bamboo Forest Pillow is softer than most pillows. Giving you an enjoyable blend of comfort and softness.

    Can I return it if i dont like it?

    Yes, you can easily return your pillow or exchange it for another one within the 100 day sleep trial. Just contact our friendly customer support team on the contact us page.

    is the pillowcase removable and washable?

    Yes. Take care of your pillow and it will take care of you. 

    Don't - Use biological detergent

    Don't - Use bleach / optical brighteners 

    Don't - Use fabric conditioner

    Don't - Wash above 40℃ 

    Do - Line dry when possible

    Do - Wash them inside out

    Do - Use non-bio detergent

    How big is the bamboo forest pillow?

    70 x 45 x 15 cm

    What position is best to sleep in with the bamboo forest pillow?

    The Bamboo Forest Pillow is brilliant for side sleepers, front sleepers, back sleepers and freestylers.

    If you just want to cuddle it, we wont judge you!

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